The above is but a small sample of drum tracks that I have tracked at my studio with the other instruments having been tracked elsewhere. 
I have mixed my drum performances into these tracks. 

So, you'd like to hire me? Here's what needs to happen:

I need from you:
  1. A clear and steady track, with it's BPM (hi quality mp3 can be used)
  2. Directions from you: what you want, breaks, sounds, any of your ideas
  3. The number of tracks that you want me to record (Glyn John drum style, or all close-mic)
  4. 50% payment up front (no refunds)
  5. Drum performance credited to me on your album (on any/all formats - CD, vinyl, mp3, upload, cassette, etc.)
I will provide you with 48kHz 24 bit wave files of each recorded drum track.
A stereo drum buss (mix) is possible for an extra charge.
Email me via the contact form on my "Contact" page for pricing.